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SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 521

Season 3 Chapter 104

CH# 520
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This week's picture is Yasratcha.

I think male characters want to dress up once in a while.

Yasratcha feels just like the image of a cat in my mind turned into a character: Self-centered, carefree, unattached, and not reminiscent.

But if there's something they want, they have to have it...

On the other hand, Yama is a character that's drawn a little differently, I think a dog's personality is different. More like a beast... and arrogant.

Anyway, the weather turned very cold this week.

The wind suddenly became fierce and I was afraid to go outside, but I was glad that it seemed a little less so today.

I had a hard time because I had some personal work to do over the weekend.

It seems like everyone is just trying to improve.

I took some time out to refresh myself, and although nothing special happened, it still helped.

It would be nice to draw a product that only tells bright and pleasant stories.

I hope you all cheer up. [TN: However you want to interpret "fighting"]

So, I hope you enjoyed this week, and I will come back next week with Tower of God.

Have a happy and healthy week.

Thank you _^^

CH# 520
CH# 522
SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 521

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